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  • May 19

    I have to say that now that summer is here, my favorite hot weather drink has become a tall glass of iced, passion tea with a couple of squirts of raspberry syrup.  Passion tea tastes great for both adults and children, has healthy tea benefits and is wonderfully refreshing.  While I make most of my passion tea myself since it is so easy to do, an added benefit is that I can run by any Starbucks and grab a venti glass of this great tasting beverage quite easily.  My favorite type is the Tazo brand of passion but there are others besides this if you prefer a tea that is not as sweet. Not only does passion tea taste great, but unlike most of the other beverages at Starbucks, the price is not exorbitant!

  • Apr 1

    One of the popular summer teas is iced Chai tea. Chai is a popular choice of beverage because of it’s rich and smooth flavor. Chai is usually made with brewed black tea, milk, along with a sweetner like honey, sugar or corn syrup. Chai drinkers like many different spices added to their beverage including cinnamon, cloves, fennel, ginger, black pepper and nutmeg to name a few of the more common spices. The beverage with it’s combination of smooth antioxident-rich flavor and exotic spices was thought to help calm both the mind and promote healthy digestion. Drink it hot or pour it over ice to provide a refreshing uplift to a hot summer day.

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  • Jun 4

    Tea comes in over 3,000 varieties so choosing the one that is right for you can sometimes seem overwhelming. Here are some simple guidelines that can help you narrow the choices of teas.  If you like a strong and full-bodied tea, consider one of the black tea types.  If you like a milder tea, try a green or white variety. If tea flavors are too strong for you but you like the taste of fruit drinks,   try l tea like passion fruit tea, guava tea or mango tea.  The taste is sweeter and light.  If you are looking to drink a tea that is lower in caffeine or one that has antioxidant properties then green or white teas might well be your beverage of choice. Both of these teas are high in antioxidants and lower in caffeine than are some of the black or oolong teas.  Many stores have samplers for different teas that you can try to determine which teas are your favorites.  Once you find a few favorites, stock up so that you can match your favorite tea to your mood and life goals.

  • Mar 18

    Tea has long been a symbol of friendship and fidelity in China.  One tradition that dates back well over 1,500 years is the tradition of giving a gift of tea to the family of a girl of your interest. If the potential suitor was then invited by the family to dinner and met with the family’s approval, he would be served three teas as an indication that it was permissible to court the daughter in question. These three teas were bitter, sweet and gingery tasting, and finally mellow and bold with a wonderful aftertaste. If the couple later broke up, it was said that “the tea had been spilled.”

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  • Jan 20

    A favorite beverage of many people is Chai Tea. This tasty beverage has it’s roots in Thailand and is a popular beverage of the Thai people.

    In Thailand, tea is grown in the hills of the northern part of the country where the climate is cooler. Thailand tea comes in two varieties: one is black when dried and the other is red when dried. Both teas are powdery and need to be filtered after brewing to prevent the powder from floating to the top of your brew.

    This tea is served in glasses like coffee and is tasty both hot as well as iced. In Thailand, canned milk is often added to this tea because it is a strong tea. The blending with milk gives it a sweeter and more enjoyable flavor. Chai teas are now available in many coffee shops and fast food restaurants. It is a popular and tasty drink that can quench the thirst and give you a welcome treat whenever you drink it.