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  • Raspberry Passion Tea

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    May 19

    I have to say that now that summer is here, my favorite hot weather drink has become a tall glass of iced, passion tea with a couple of squirts of raspberry syrup.  Passion tea tastes great for both adults and children, has healthy tea benefits and is wonderfully refreshing.  While I make most of my passion tea myself since it is so easy to do, an added benefit is that I can run by any Starbucks and grab a venti glass of this great tasting beverage quite easily.  My favorite type is the Tazo brand of passion but there are others besides this if you prefer a tea that is not as sweet. Not only does passion tea taste great, but unlike most of the other beverages at Starbucks, the price is not exorbitant!

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  1. Malika Wickham said on

    Oolong tea has a sweet taste that i always love. My wife and i really love the unique taste of oolong tea. ;'””,

    Yours truly

  2. Teddy Zadorozny said on

    What i like about the Oolong Tea is its unique and sharp taste aside from the health benefits that you can get from it..

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